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Our Beginnings

Founded in Toronto's Yorkville in the late 60's by architect/designer/musician Paul Weldon, Stanford has always been about design excellence. Joined by Don Rodbard in the early 80's the company began to broaden its scope to include business-to-business marketing. Stanford also was an early adopter of Mac computer technology and delivered highly successful, on-time and affordable projects.

Since then, Stanford continued to prosper under three successive sets of owners, the first of whom (Paul) retired in the early 2000's.

Our Second Set of Owners

During the late 90's Rosemary Bayer became the company's President and Don Rodbard its Director of Operations — together they continued to advance the firm's capabilities, including the acquisition of its own studio building in the heart of Toronto's Entertainment District and an aggressive move into trade show graphics and web site design.

Our Final Owner

In 2013 Rose & Don slipped into semi-retirement leaving Stanford under the capable direction of its third and final owner — long-time Stanford Art Director and creative genius — Doug Purdie.

Doug, in turn, decided to fully retire in late 2021 and the corporate entity Stanford Design was terminated at that time.

Why the Stanford Name Remains

While Stanford is no longer an incorporated entity, Rose & Don will continue to support Stanford's long-term web site clients and from time-to-time produce new sites at the behest of two firms that have a multi-decade association with Stanford.

For All of Stanford's Past Clients

We are maintaining this Stanford web presence for the benefit of all of our past clients.

For many decades we have accumulated basic artwork resources supplied by these clients which remain stored on Stanford servers. Past clients may have the need to contact us in order to retrieve these graphic materials.

©2024 Stanford Design & Communications, Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E6
Tel: 905-979-1081 • Email:

©2024 Stanford Design & Communications, Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E6
Tel: 905-979-1081 • Email: